View the presentation of financial data and the sustainability disclosure

Dear Stakeholders,
Over the last two years, our primary concern has been to try to protect our greatest asset, i.e. human capital: over 700 people in our offices have been able to work safely and effectively from home for rather extended periods of time, thanks to our previous investment in IT architecture, while those that had to come to work instead, were part of a constant and meticulous plan made by rigorous distances, protecting devices, strict procedures. 

With respect to economic results, Duferco achieved a good performance, in spite of the headwinds created by the Virus: 19% increase in net profit during such complicated times is certainly satisfactory. The diversification of our business portfolio, now articulated in four main groups: steel, energy, shipping, innovation, has helped us to raid the negative cycle. Like every year, we have inserted in this presentation our outlook for 2021, during which we are experiencing a drastic change of the cycle with a quite positive effect on our steel and shipping divisions.

Bruno Bolfo