The steel we produce is the material of the future: innovative, safe and sustainable.
It comes from the recycling of ferrous scrap and is fully recyclable.


Steel production and distribution are the inheritance of the former core business of the Group, and today Duferco stands as a distinguished and long experienced player in the European market

The Group counts on the operations of 11 companies in Italy, France, and Denmark and on 9 main production plants, with a capacity of around 1,000,000 tons of steel produced per year, in different forms, mainly beams and long products, merchant bars, and flat products for coating. Aware of the importance of the steel industry and of business downstream, Duferco makes constant efforts to constantly preserve and innovate its production plants and infrastructures fostering growth in downstream business.

The major company in the Steel division is Duferco Travi e Profilati (DTP) that represents today an outstanding benchmark for production of beams, special quality steel, special profiles and other long products sold in Italy, Europe and North Africa and these products are expected to benefit from a significant increase in infrastructure investments in the coming years.

Despite it represents the historical heart of Group’s operations, the Steel division is strongly projected into the future, as witnessed by the remarkable investments made in recent years: around 250 million euros in the new rolling mill in San Zeno, fully powered by green energy, feature the most cutting-edge technologies.


per year: production capacity

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San Zeno Naviglio

The steel plant in San Zeno Naviglio is where the melting of ferrous scrap takes place for production of semi – finished products, like blooms, billets, round and dog-bone.
The plant has a production capacity of about 950,000 tons of steel per year, and his equipment includes an electric furnace, two refining furnaces, one of which is a twin, which allows two steel castings to be treated simultaneously, a degassing plant, two continuous casting lines and a water treatment plant. Today, the new beam rolling mill came into operation.


Pallanzeno has a rolling mill, where the semi finished products are rolled for become beams. This plant is specialized in the small and medium range of HE and IPE beams, UPN, equal and unequal angles, IPN and earth moving special profiles.

Pallanzeno Plant has a production capacity of 500 K ton/year; it is equipped with a rolling mill, a finishing centre, warehouses for storing and a finished products shipping through a railway connection.


Giammoro plant has a production capacity of 450 K ton/year and it’s specialized in the hot rolling of big and medium size HE and IPE beams, heavy earth moving special profiles, also for San Giovanni Valdarno supply and profiles for rolling tracks for subways.

Giammoro production uniti s equipped with a DEMAG rolling mill, a internal railroad connected to the national one, and a wharf for optimize and reduce the impact of logistics activities.

San Giovanni Valdarno

San Giovanni Valdarno plant is the mechanical division of the Group, with more than 50 years of experience in the production of track shoes; it’s production capacity is around 4.000.000 pieces per year, corresponding to approximately 60 K ton/year.

In addition to serving a global market, this plant represents the end of the steel process, which starts in the steel mill and continue with the rolling of profiles, to arrive in San Giovanni where section are transformed into finished track shoes.

Danish Steel

Duferco Danish Steel A/S is a significant producer of merchant bars generally employed in building, in construction for industrial and civil works, in agriculture, in the mechanical industry and shipbuilding applications.

Duferco Danish Steel continued its path of verticalization and increased the production of cold drawn bars (flat, round and square) and rock bolt anchors for tunneling.

Acciai Rivestiti Valdarno

ARV is in the sector of flat products, which operates in a niche market as a service provider of flat steel products used for coating in industry and civil construction; it produces about 25,000 tons / year of plasticized, pre-painted and colaminated coils and strips on steel (cold rolled, galvanized, stainless) and aluminum base.
The company, which has an innovative continuous coating line, a cutting line for coils into strips and an embossing line, is able to guarantee its customers both customized batches for weight, base, coating and color, and standardized products.

Ferriere Bellicini

Ferriere Bellicini has been in the steel industry for almost a century, but joined the Duferco group in 2014. The company produces small and mid range of round and square merchant bar.

The strengths are the constant attention to the quality of the products, and the production mix in order to provide its costumers with a wide and punctual choice on the range of rolled products.


2023 was the year in which the SBM rolling mill was inaugurated. The greenest steel plant in Europe is finally open.

«The new San Zeno Naviglio beam mill is significantly increasing our competitiveness. This is the strong basis for a long-term strategy that manages to combine environmental, social and economic sustainability through technological innovation, maximizing market opportunities».

Augusto Gozzi, CEO of DufercoTP.

Another step towards the future envisioned by the Group is represented by the collaboration Duferco Travi e Profilati established with the best Italian talents in the construction of the new bridge Genoa San Giorgio. The bridge was born from the creative mind of Renzo Piano and realized by Fincantieri Infrastructure and Webuild. As one of the suppliers involved in the project, Duferco Travi e Profilati provided around 540 tons between steel angles and steel beams. The well-established collaboration between Duferco Travi e Profilati and Fincantieri Infrastructure makes the Group very proud, being part of a new era for the city.


250 million euro

Productive capacity:

700 K tons

Social impact:

150 new jobs


Acofer Prodotti
Siderurgici S.P.A

San Zeno Naviglio, ITALY

Arv Acciai Rivestiti
Valdarno S.P.A.

San Giovanni Valdarno, ITALY

Duferco Danish
Steel A/S

Frederiksvaerk, DENMARK

Duferco France SNC


Duferco Morel
Quincaillerie S.A.S.

Belleville en Beaujolais

Duferco Morel S.A.

Aubervilliers, FRANCE

Duferco Sertubi S.P.A.

Trieste, ITALY

Duferco Thionville S.A.S.


Duferco Travi e Profilati S.P.A.

San Zeno Naviglio, ITALY

Emmebi SRL

Genova, ITALY

Ferriere Bellicini S.R.L

Berzo Inferiore, ITALY

Media Steel S.R.L.

Montignoso, ITALY

Morel Distribution Profils S.A.S.

Belleville en Beaujolais

Tpp – Travi e Profilati di Pallanzeno S.P.A.

Pallanzeno, ITALY

Tps Luxtrade S.A.

Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG