The Smart Beam manufacturing (SBM) is the new rolling mill that will allow to verticalize the production of the plant in San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia.


Italian steel industry heads toward the future. The new rolling mill will be integrated with the still mill, through innovative and sustainable technologies.

The goal is to realize it by the end of 2022 thanks to the experience of the Duferco technicians and to the strong collaboration with SMS Group, technology partner and supplier for the project.

An ambitious project looking to the future. A strong investment that confirms the attitude of Duferco Group to innovation. Integrated with San Zeno Naviglio steel mill, the new SBM rolling mill (Smart Beam Manufacturing) will endow Duferco Travi e Profilati of an extremely efficient system at the heart of the Italian and European steel market, allowing to verticalize the steel production. The plant will have a total rolling capacity of 700 K tons of long products.

+220M €


+ 700K tons




The total investment is around 220 million euros and will create 150 new job positions and many opportunities for the local satellite activities.


The project will be realized with the most innovative and modern technologies available. It will be fully interconnected with other plant machinery and involves the most advanced technological tools, developed by the company’s teams in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes, as already done for other projects in the plant

Circular Economy

The new SBM rolling mill for the steel beam production has been conceived as a system integrated with the steel mill and is the perfect example of circular economy.

It is a sustainable model, based on the reuse of resources: from the recycling of ferrous scrap, which is the main raw material used in production, to its transformation in a semi-product and the further rolling to obtain finished product for the construction field.

Environmental Impact

The plant will have the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks to the use of the best available technologies and energy-saving systems. Moreover, it will be powered by energy from renewable sources as a result of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The new plant has been conceived and projected to be ready to face the challenges of consumption reduction and environmental sustainability. For example, the reheating furnace supplied by Forni Industriali Bendotti, will be endowed with state of art burners ready to be powered also by hydrogen.


Thanks to the experience of Duferco technicians and the strong collaboration with SMS Group, supplier of technologies, the goal is to start operating the plant by the end of 2022.

January 2021

April 2021

February 2022

November 2022
Dicember 2022

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The Smart Beam Manufacturing is part of an industrial model that preserves the value of raw material and resources and aims at high standards in terms of:

Environmental Sustainability

Development of innovative models of circular economy

Optimization of energy and resources consumption

Reduction of carbon footprint

Economic Competitiveness

Research of max efficiency

Optimization of production processes

Integration of processes and material flows

Development of digital system for decision-making process

Social Sustainability

Positive employment impact

Product innovation

Support systems for operators