Duferco Travi e Profilati is born to be market leader in the production of steel beams and long products.

Gen 8, 2021 | News

A new name for a well-established history and an industrial organization well-known for technology, products quality, process sustainability and innovation. Duferco Travi e Profilati takes its roots from Duferdofin-Nucor’s long-lasting experience in the production of steel beams and rolled products for construction. The joint-venture between Duferco and Nucor Corporation lasted 12 years and ended in the last month. It deeply influenced the industrial activities of Duferco Group’s steel division, allowing the company to grow also through the financial, technological and human contribution of the American partner. Loyalty, transparency, pragmatism, focus on results, respect for our people, team spirit, very strong corporate culture is what our American friends from Nucor have taught us over the years, and I believe this lesson will stick in the Duferco of the future. Duferco has always been strongly connected to the United States of America, from its founding to our family heritage, but this experience has strengthened even more our belief of how important and strategic is for Europe and Italy to keep nurturing the Atlantic collaboration, and to work hard to make it thrive. The Atlantic relationship is our natural belonging and an essential element of stability and democracy in such challenging global landscape” said Antonio Gozzi, president of Duferco Italia. Going beyond the partnership with Nucor Corporation, we rebranded the company. Duferco Travi e Profilati is indeed today leader in Italy and aims to become market leader in Europe in the production of steel beams and long products: the agreement with SMS Group for the construction of the new rolling mill was signed only few weeks ago. “We completed the purchasing process, we signed an agreement with SMS Group and we started the construction phase of one of the most important industrial investments in the Italian steel industry. We are going to spend over 180 million, so that our dream will come true: verticalize our production and become one of the most performing beams producers in Europe”, commented Antonio Gozzi. The investment will be realized in the next two years and will endow Duferco Travi e Profilati of a very efficient system at the heart of the European and Italian market. The mill will be realized with cutting edge technologies, focusing on digitization, artificial intelligence and automation. The new plant will greatly increase the production’s competitiveness and is the strong base for a long-term strategy that blends economic and environmental sustainability and allows the company to be up to the challenges of the European industrial future, such as energy transition: thanks to a PPA, a long-term power purchase agreement, the new rolling mill will be the only Italian plant fully powered by renewable energy. Innovation, energy transition and circular economy: the industrial activities of Duferco Travi e Profilati will be built on these pillars