Antonio Gozzi took part in the meeting for the 30th anniversary of La Repubblica Genova

Nov 25, 2022 | News

Yesterday, Antonio Gozzi, Duferco Group president, participated in the round table of the event dedicated to thirtieth anniversary of the Ligurian edition of Repubblica together with the director, Maurizio Molinari, the CEO of Fincantieri, Pierroberto Folgiero, the CEO of Leonardo, Alessandro Profumo and the scientific director of IIT, Giorgio Metta, for a discussion about Genoa, its infrastructures and its opportunities for development and growth in the area.

A meeting of the entrepreneurs of the city, the journalists who told about it, institutions, citizens and readers of the newspaper, held in a symbolic place in the heart of the old port: the Sala delle Compere of Palazzo San Giorgio.

Gozzi, in his speech, spoke of how Italy should be the banner of Western values for the countries of North Africa and explained that economic opportunities are the only way to unite the different cultures bordering the Mediterranean Sea because for a country like ours, with such a high deficit, the only visiting card for international tables is the balance of trade.Gozzi indicates a possible way of development in relations with North Africa: “Why not invest in a Genoese district that works to implement the energy plans of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya? Our university could train also their ruling class

On the occasion, the new volume that Repubblica readers will be able to receive free of charge with the newspaper on November 30, was also presented – a story of Genoa’s industrial past through the interventions of economists, teachers, scholars and images from the archive of the Ansaldo Foundation.