Antonio Gozzi appointed president of Federacciai

Giu 28, 2022 | News

The Federacciai assembly that took place privately today in Milan, elected Antonio Gozzi as the new president of Federacciai for the two-year period 2022-2024, confirming the unanimous designation of the board of directors announced on March ‘22.

As a sign of continuity with the previous presidency and in the context of a delicate Italian and international scenario, the Federacciai Assembly gave continuity to the team that worked with Alessandro Banzato, confirming all the vice-presidents: Antonio Beltrame, Giuseppe Lucchini, Antonio Marcegaglia, Lucia Morselli, Giuseppe Pasini, Federico Pittini, Claudio Riva, Michele Amenduni, Mario Caldonazzo, Michele Della Briotta. Alessandro Banzato remains in the Federacciai Presidency Council as Past President.

Flavio Bregant has been confirmed to the General Management.

The new president of Federacciai and president of Duferco Italia Holding commented on his appointment:

“I thank the Italian steelmakers for another manifestation of consideration and esteem. We have particularly challenging years ahead and we will stake the survival of the sector in Italy on our ability to innovate and be increasingly sustainable.

The Italian steel industry is characterized by very high efficiency and qualitative excellence and by a level of decarbonisation that has no equal in the world. I will work together with Federacciai team to confirm this record in the future.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank my friend Alessandro Banzato who passed me the baton to the presidency of Federacciai and will continue to help and support us. I thank him for these four years of hard and passionate work in defense of the demands of our sector and for the results achieved, in a general context that is often unpredictable and not easy to manage“.