Duferco: €95 million investment plan in Sicily

Mag 16, 2024 | News

The Duferco Group presented its investment plan and related projects for the industrial reconversion process of the Giammoro steel plant, located in the province of Messina, at the Chamber of Commerce of Messina. The plan aims to consolidate and develop existing employment.

Logistics, energy, and services related to infrastructure investments are the intervention areas identified by the Duferco Group within the industrial reconversion plan for the Giammoro steel plant, presented today in the presence of the President of the Duferco Group, Antonio Gozzi, and the President of Sicindustria Messina, Pietro Franza.

Changes in the international steel market led Duferco to foresee an industrial reconversion and diversification plan for the Giammoro industrial hub aimed at consolidating and developing employment.

“The strong bond that connected us to the Sicilian territory for almost 30 years and the commitment made to the workers of our Pace del Mela plant,” commented Antonio Gozzi, President of Duferco, “guided us in this industrial reconversion plan. This is a concrete project in which we strongly believe and that will allow us to fully exploit our skills and assets in the energy, logistics, and industrial sectors.”

The investment of approximately €95 million will enable the development and management of the following activities, some of which have already been started by the Duferco Group in Sicily:

  • Peaker Plant: The new low environmental impact plant powered by natural gas, already built within the Giammoro industrial area, will be available for Terna to ensure the safety and environmental sustainability of the regional electrical system. The plant will help to maintain a high percentage of renewable energy production in the Sicily Region.
  • Giammoro Pier and Logistics Activities: On March 28, 2024, the management committee of the Strait Port System Authority approved the concession of the pier to Duferco Terminal Mediterraneo S.p.A. and authorized the commercial management of the site to serve maritime carriers. The company presented a development project aimed at providing efficient naval and logistical services.
  • Hydrogen Valley: The project, promoted by Duferco in collaboration with Caronte Spa and Nippon Gases Italia, aims to develop a Hydrogen Valley in the Giammoro site area capable of producing about 100 tons of green hydrogen per year, through a 4 MW photovoltaic plant and a 1 MW electrolyzer. The operation will be partly financed under the “Hydrogen Valleys” call of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) through the Region of Sicily.
  • BESS – Battery Energy Storage System: A €15 million investment for the creation of an electrical storage system to balance energy demand on the grid.
  • Revamping and Management of Photovoltaic Plants: A project aimed at the revamping and enhancement of the existing photovoltaic plants in the Giammoro area.
  • Service Activities for Sicilian Infrastructure Investments: The realization of the priority infrastructure works plan in Sicily has and will have significant impacts on the Sicilian economy, particularly on construction companies and those activated in the supply chain. The Giammoro site is an ideal location to develop activities directly and indirectly linked to the realization of Sicilian infrastructure investments.